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The amazing thing about these Tents is there ability to look stunning in whatever situation you put them up in. Be it in some woodland, on a beach or in the grounds of a castle the natural forms and curves of these structures are so pleasing to the eye. The flexibility they give to how you would like your arrangements to be under them is fantastic, internal poles can be easily moved to fit around whatever table layout and or dance floor spaces you require

We have all you will need to make the party go with a bang

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Décor
  • dancefloor
  • sound system
  • Lighting

The tables are 8 seater rounds which can squeeze ten if space is tight. These will be supplied with the chairs needed to seat your guests.

There is a range of décor we can do for your special day, from keeping it simple and low key to full spangle drapery.

The sound systems that you have the choice from vary in size and power from a small public address system that is ideal for smaller events for around 40 to 50 people through to our full rig witch will cater for around a 1000 people.

We have various ways to light your wedding, from festoons for lighting pathways to robo-scan disco lights for when the dancing takes over.